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How to Spring Clean Your Home

Feb 22, 2022 | Family Life, Organization | 0 comments

I love a good spring cleaning after the cold winter months and Holiday’s are over. It makes our house feel refreshed and I get organized again! This year we are doing a few makeovers including the theater and boy’s room. Many things are being shifted around and were are doing spring cleaning as we go. I do a few big cleaning/organizing days throughout the year specifically: after New Year, before summer, and before school starts. Here are some of my favorite ways to spring clean my house, and my favorite cleaning products to use.

Spring cleaning breakdown by area

There are a few areas that often get neglected and might need a little spring cleaning in your home. Appliances are probably one of the most dreaded because they take a bit longer to clean. Here are a few tips to make your spring cleaning a little easier.

Do these in all areas of the house

  • walls – Use warm water and a cloth (soapy if there are stains/coloring) look for areas that get dirty easily: dining room, lower walls (where people or pets brush against and little kids color)
  • wash baseboards
  • dusting – ceiling fans & light fixtures, ledges (we have a lot of these in our house)
  • wipe down window blinds
  • window seals/window tracks
  • test smoke detectors and replace batteries if needed

Kitchen spring cleaning

  • pantry – throw away items you don’t use or are expired. Wipe shelves with a wet cloth
  • organize and wipe down cupboards
  • wash garbage can
  • appliances
  • fridge – take out all the food and wash the fridge with a wet cloth. Toss the old food. Wipe down outside of fridge and freezer.
  • dishwasher – remove the food, hard water, etc.
  • microwave –
  • stove/oven – baking soda and water solution is an affordable and safe oven cleaner
  • toaster – empty crumb tray

wyatt chore garbage

Living room

  • vacuum under furniture cushions
  • Polish wood furniture
  • dust electronics


  • remove hard water from faucets and glass doors
  • the scrub floor around the toilet
  • scrub, shower, toilet, skins
  • organize bathroom vanity, toss items you don’t use


  • clean your mattress – use baking soda to deodorize 
  • wash your bedding
  • wash area rugs
  • cleanout closet – give away the clothes you never wear and reorganize your closet
  • toys and books – declutter the toys by having your kids give away toys they no longer play with

closet organization

Best cleaning hacks – make it easier

Here are a few easy cleaning hacks that can help you spring clean your home.

rykel sweep

My favorite cleaning products

Here’s a list of cleaning products and supplies that we use in our house on are regular basis.

Organic and safe products to use for cleaning.

Spring cleaning can be overwhelming. I like doing a little each day for a week or two. Once you are finished your home will feel so clean and refreshed, it will be worth I promise! Oh and take advantage of letting kids do extra chores to earn privileges or money. We use the points system.

Our kids can do bigger chores around the house to earn points. These points are redeemed for candy, small toys, money to spend on trips, or privileges (time on electronics, a date with mom and dad). Have your kids help spring clean, give them a reward for their extra help, It’s a win for everyone!



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