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One-on-one time with your child – date your kids

Mar 22, 2022 | Family Life, Relationships | 1 comment

Date your kids! This is how we get to know our kids better and strengthen our relationship with our children. We like to go on one on one dates with them at least monthly. Sometimes it’s with Mom, sometimes Dad and occasionally we do both parents. Dating our kids has helped us connect in a new way by sharing memories together that we both enjoy. It also is a huge factor in how much our kids trust us, and are willing to share their lives with us.

The dates don’t have to be elaborate, or long… It’s fun just to sit down one on one and really hang out with the kids.

Here are 20 of our favorite dates that we have done

cora dinner date

5 easy dates with your kids

  1. dinner
  2. movie
  3. fun park – go-carts, mini-golf, arcade games
  4. rollerblading
  5. swimming

5 close to home date ideas

We are fortunate that our kids are old enough that we don’t need a sitter anymore, which makes it easier to go on dates with each child. If you do need a babysitter there are still ways you can still make one on one dates work. Consider taking turns going on dates with your kids while your spouse is home so they can watch the other kids. Or do one of these close-to-home/at-home date ideas.

dad and wyatt playing arcade machine

  1. s’mores in backyard
  2. bike ride around the block
  3. play a favorite board game
  4. picnic date with your kid at the park
  5. bake a new treat together

5 memory makers: trying new hobby/sport

jase shae ski skiing lift

  1. snowboarding
  2. kayaking
  3. zip lining
  4. escape room
  5. take a class together – pottery, art, karate, dance, cake decorating, etc…

5 out of the box ideas:

  1. horseback riding
  2. amusement park date
  3. cook a meal together from a cooking show
  4. squirt gun painting – outside
  5. visit caves – look for local caves in your area

One thing I really love about one on one dates with the kids is being able to just have fun! It’s really nice to have time set aside where I can slow down and enjoy them while they are still young. Schedule your one-on-one time whether is during the school year or summer and make it happen! Bonus, the dates don’t have to stop when your kids are grown-up. We still take our oldest (Klailea) on dates when we can. Something else we like to do is special birthday trips. We have done it for each of our kids on their ninth birthday. This is one of the bigger bonding trips we have enjoyed doing with each of our children.

Parents make time for your kids, and kids make time for your parents, you won’t regret it! If you want to know how we plan our nine-year-old trips here’s how.


1 Comment

  1. Ally

    I love this!!! Growing up I always enjoyed and cherished these ‘dates’ with my parents because as the middle of 4, we rarely got alone time! It always gave me a chance to share the inner workings of my life and vice versa : )


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