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Using a Summer Schedule to Make Your Day Easier

May 24, 2022 | Everyday Life, Family Life, Organization | 0 comments

When School is about to end we do a big SUMMER planning POW-WOW! We gather the whole fam & talk about their hopes & dreams for the Summer! What movie series do they want to watch, and what summer bucket list items do they want to do?? (Check out our REALLY fun summer activity ideas) THEN we talk about the SCHEDULE. we love to relax & have fun…but we find that if we have a simple summer schedule, everything runs a bit smoother!

Even though it’s summer some things still need to get done. Chores, meals (what time will you eat, who will be in charge of making the food), bedtime (it might be later than during the school year).

wyatt chore garbage

What our summer schedule looks like

  1. Wake up 8ish – Breakfast at 8:30/9 am.
  2. Summer Learning: 1 core & 1 fun: language arts & art class. 9-10am
  3. Chores – 10 am
  4. Whenever they get their chores & learning done, they are free to play.

summer schedule toa 2022 week

Here’s a little list of things to keep in mind when planning out your summer days.

  • We schedule one activity a week for family fun adventure: hike, s’more night, outdoor movie night, pool party, etc.
  • We schedule into our week, our work/filming schedule – which is usually 2-3 days a week for a couple of hours.
  • Afternoons are open to fun & friends if their things are done. We ask them to communicate with us where they are going and to be home for dinner.
  • #chefoftheday person – needs to be home at 5 to make dinner.
  • We keep the same food schedule as we use the rest of the year – kids cook the meals one day a week
  • Curfews are later than school year times. Kids love to play night games & have fun with friends – they have to check in and report where they at.

Download our free printable to help you get started with your summer schedule and summer bucket list!

Summer schedule

Summer bucket list

Summer schedule daily

Summer schedule weekly

summer schedule toa 2022  summer bucket list toa 2022 summer schedule 2022 daily summer schedule toa 2022 week

We love to have family movie nights or reading nights at least once a week. Our summers are fun and busy, with lots of time spent playing outside. It’s nice for the kids to get some free time with friends while we are home! (especially because we do travel often during the summer).

What does your summer schedule look like?

Do you have bucket list items you want to check off this summer?



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