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10 Youtuber Summer Bucket list Activities!

May 31, 2022 | Family Life, Fun & Games | 1 comment

We have done some crazy things being Youtubers! We love doing fun adventures and trying something new. Do you want to know what it’s like to have a summer full of crazy YouTuber activities? I’ve made a list of the crazy things we’ve done that are SO fun! Print off our FREE printable of crazy YouTuber summer bucket list activities, and try them with your friends and family! Make this summer memorable and check a few of the adventures we love off your bucket list!

Our TOP 10 Youtuber Summer Bucket List Activities!

  1. Fun Pool Challenges
    1. last to fall off floaty
    2. walk the plank
    3. last to fall into the pool
    4. last to the leave pool
  1. Last to eat/leave the table with food. Pick foods that you might get tired of eating and the last one still eating wins
  2. Only eating one color for the day – try this at a theme park – we did this game at Disneyland. and at home.

toa eating one color

  1. Saying yes for 24 hours – pick someone to be in charge…with a few rules, we had so much fun!
    1. Say yes to the boys for 24 hours
    2.  Say yes to the girls for 24 hours

yes day to kids

  1. Kid in charge for 24 hours
  2. parents in charge for 24 hours
  3. blindfold hide & seek – there are so many places to do this fun game. It’s easy and everyone enjoys it.
    1. Blindfold hide and seek in the girl’s room
    2. Blindfold hide and seek in the van
    3. blindfold hide and seek in a tiny hotel room
    4. Blindfold hide and seek in the bathroom
  4. Do whatever the dart lands on – You can get really creative here by picking fun places to go, things to do, food to eat, etc. This can be fun and challenging at the same time, by adding chores and rewards.

dart map shopping

  1. Stay 24 hours in a room – see who in your family can last the longest
    1. 24 hours in a bathroom
  2. 24-hours bedroom swap
    1. 24 bedroom swap for everyone
    2. Teens and parents swap rooms for 24 hours

Put these 10 activities on your Summer bucket list and your kids will thank you for it! We would love it if you share in the comments which of these activities you liked doing with your family! To make sure you can fill all these fun activities into your summer schedule check out our summer schedule FREE printable to get you started!

Download our FREE printable and place it on your fridge or somewhere you will see it to help you remember the fun activities to try this summer!

youtuber bucketlist toa 2022


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