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Best Father’s Day WITHOUT Gifts!

Jun 7, 2022 | Celebrate | 4 comments

Shopping for Dad can be challenging…so we want to try and focus on making Dad feel special without worrying about giving him the best GIFT. We will be giving Dad the Best DAY!

jase rachel kids selfie

How to plan the best Father’s Day

Think about what your dad loves and try to fill out Father’s day with those things he most enjoys! From Favorite foods to what he likes to do with the family. To make his father’s day very special share your favorite memories with dad. He will love hearing what you have to stories you have to tell of your favorite moments together. Lastly don’t forget to go on a fun adventure as a family!

Breakfast in Bed

Start out with FOOD – Dads love a good meal. We love to give our Dad Breakfast in bed – and his favorite breakfast is French Toast…we love this recipe: Overnight French Toast Bake

Dad Interview

I love seeing what kids think about Dad. I like having the kids fill out an interview questionnaire about their favorite moments with dad. After they have filled it out we share them all with dad. Even if the kids are starting to grow up, dad will love reading what their favorite moments & memories are. Here is the free printable of interview questions.

toa 2022 fathers day interview questions

An Adventure!

Father’s Day needs an adventure. We like to have a picnic outdoors. We find an easy hike or a lovely stroll through the park or woods. Find a nice pond/lake to sit by or a casual bike ride to a beautiful lookout. Once we find a fun spot, we picnic and just relax…or wrestle with Dad…because isn’t that what always happens?! If you can’t think of an adventure here are a few more ideas: 27 Family Activities to Try at Home or Nearby

family hike jase rachel southern utah

Special Dinner

At our Special Dinner for Dad, we present all the interview pages about him! This creates some of the best dinner conversations! It’s so fun to hear what people share and reminisce about all the good moments shared with dad.

Play a Dad Game

Play a Fun Game! That’s right we have the best evening game to play with Dad! We will take a common game & turn it into a fun Dad memory. Grab pieces of paper & everyone write down one idea on one piece of paper. We will be playing charades with the items…so we like to write down ideas like Dad’s hobbies, travel places with Dad, Silly things Dad does (like falling asleep during a movie), etc. This will be loads of fun and make dad laugh for sure!

Special Note

And don’t forget to write a special note. Tell Dad how much you love him and how much you care about what he does. We either like to do this around the dinner table, in the evening while cuddling or write it in a note. Dad just wants to know that you love him!

father's day handmade card kids craft ideas simple

We hope you have a special Father’s Day and we hope these ideas can make it a bit easier for you to enjoy.



  1. R

    We love to watch movies with Dad too!

  2. Christian

    What I do for Father’s Day is have a movie marathon of his choice! He loves movies! We let him go out where ever he wants!

  3. Stephanie

    We let him sleep in and then we might go on an adventure to the mountains if he is up for it that day and then a movie night at dinner time.

  4. Zahra

    For Father’s Day I usually give my father a hand made card his favourite chocolates and more love and attention than normal, but since I left home for uni it’s been a little distant and i will still do the card and chocolates as well as take him out for his favourite meal with my mum


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Jase is an entrepreneur, surfer, skater, fisherman, and the best dad ever! When he’s not creating silly Reels (@jasebennett), you can find him sharing adventures on the blog & great entrepreneurial tips on his podcast: The Decode.


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