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20 Ways to Cool Off From The Hot Summer Weather

Jun 28, 2022 | Everyday Life, Family Life | 0 comments

Our kids love being outside, but summertime gets so hot. It’s not fun if you can’t keep cool. Here are 20 unique ways to cool off from the hot summer weather. My first tip and probably the most important is to drink LOTS of water! And make sure everyone else does too! If you don’t want to drink a whole glass at once, carry a water bottle around. Having a water bottle with me is how I remember to drink enough water, especially on really busy days. I know I’ll forget to get a drink unless I have a water bottle already with me.

20 Unique ways to keep cool off from the summer heat

You might not have thought of so many fun ways to keep cool. And this list is primarily ideas that are not your normal go-to’s, ie. jumping in the pool or eating ice cream. I’m sure some of the ideas you’ve heard but it’s always good to have a reminder. Being prepared and knowing how you’ll cool off on those really hot summer days means less likely to have heat exhaustion and sunburns.

  1. Use an umbrella – this gives you a decent amount of shade wherever you go
  2. Soak your shirt in water before putting it on
  3. Wear light-colored cotton clothing – it’s breathable and will keep you cooler than other fabrics
  4. Take a cold shower
  5. Wear sunscreen – avoid getting burned and overheated especially good for extended periods in the sun
  6. Wash your car
  7. Set up sprinklers under your trampoline or in your yard to run through
  8. Have a slip and slide
  9. Have a water fight
  10. Eat a cold treat – homemade popsicle, frozen fruit, or refrigerated watermelon
  11. Do a river walk – walk and play in the shallow parts of a river
  12. Eat spicy foods – this actually helps you cool off
  13. Go out when the sun and UV rays will be lowest – in the mornings and evenings
  14. Get your hat wet before wearing it
  15. Hang a damp cloth around your neck
  16. Play with sponge water bombs
  17. Spray bottles – filled will water and ice to keep everyone cool outside
  18. Water balloon pinata – hang the water balloons and smash them to get soaked
  19. Stay in the shade
  20. float the river

Download our free printable 20 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

20 ways to stay cool this summer

Now that you know how to stay cool this summer, so go pick some fun summer activities to do!

Follow these safety tips to play safe!



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