Meet The Ohana

Meet the Ohana!


Rachel is a vlogger, party planner and costume maker! When she’s not filming fun videos for The Ohana Adventure you can find her on The Now Mom dropping some amazing parenting tips!

Jase is an entrepreneur, surfer, snowboarder, fisherman and the best dad ever! When he’s not creating silly TikTok videos (@thejase), you can find him sharing some great entrepreneurial tips on his podcast The Decode.


Klai is 16 and loves to dance, sing, plan, shop, and is a great friend. You can find her talking all things teen, travel, and fashion on her YouTube channel, Klailea!

Klailea Bennett
Rykel Bennett


Rykel is 14 and plays cello, is a joker, a sweetheart and animal lover. You can find fun challenges, pranks, and all things teen on her YouTube channel, Rykel.


Shae is 12. He is our soccer player, drummer, and master LEGO builder. When he’s not doing any of those things you’ll find him doing fun challenges and playing fun games with Wyatt on the Ohana Boys.


Wyatt is 11 and is our golfer, LEGO builder, hugger, and swimmer. Find him on Ohana Boys playing fun games and challenges with Shae.


Evee is 9 years old. She is an artist, a singer, and dancer. She is super sweet and kind. She loves creating fun skits with Cora on the Toy Library.


Cora is 7 years old. She’s spunky, sweet, and a great friend! She loves mermaids, princesses, and using her imagination to create fun skits with Evee on their YouTube channel, Toy Library.