Author: Rachel Bennett

DIY, The Now Mom

Super Simple Party Planning 

My beautiful baby has turned 8 this year. We put together a friend’s birthday party to celebrate. We have a fun tradition where every even year we do a friends party and every odd year we have a family party. Every 4 years we celebrate with a BIG party, where we go all out.

Homeschool, The Now Mom

How to Balance Work & School at HOME! 

This fall, parents will be embarking on a new journey for the school year. They will work from home and take on the task of educating their kids. What a BIG TASK! During this time so many things can be overwhelming and stressful. Many friends and family have asked us how we balance work and school and I am excited to share with you six things we have learned over the years as we have navigated the waters of working from as well as educating our children from home.

Homeschool, The Now Mom

Homeschooling: What to Buy, What not to Buy 

It’s back to school time! That means it is also back to school shopping time. If you’re a new homeschooling mom, you might be wondering, “What do I really need to homeschool successfully, and what can I save money on and not buy?”

Over the years I’ve learned which back to school items were the most useful and which ones just sat in my closet, never to be used. In this post, I’ll share my do’s and don’ts when it comes to back to school shopping.