Author: Rachel Bennett

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How to transition from public school to homeschool 

Distance learning. Hybrid schedule. Homeschooling. This is an unprecedented time as parents are faced with making some tough decisions about their kids’ education. No matter your choice, I’m here to help you transition from a regular public schooling structure to a homeschool structure.

Before I get started, there is ONE thing you NEED to know. Whatever form of schooling you decide on for your kids this year, be confident in your choice. Don’t feel like you need to do what everyone else is doing. Don’t second guess your choice when you see what other people are doing. Do what’s right for your family.

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Themed Days 

I know right about now we are all stir crazy for fun! I find that creating 1-2 days a week that have a special activity helps the kids be patient through the regular days and look forward to something extra and fun. And HEY if you’re up for doing this more than once a week more power to you! Klai, our oldest, had a fun idea that we do a themed day once or twice a week…and this week we chose HAWAII!

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How I Get My kids to COOK! 

I remember being in college and making a quick easy meal for dinner…I had a few memorized, and sharing with my bestie roommate. She was amazed I could whip up something fast for dinner. I thought it wasn’t impressive..but it was definitely yummy. We chatted for a bit and I realized that because my mom taught us to cook & made us learn a handful of recipes, this is how I was able to cook healthy meals when I was away from my home. 

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10 ways…Celebrating BIRTHDAYS while stuck at home, or under quarantine 

We love Birthdays & we love to celebrate and help our birthday person feel as special as possible. Right during a worldwide crisis/pandemic, it makes things more difficult to really celebrate the traditional way. We recently had Rykel’s birthday & we wanted her to feel as special as possible. Here are 10 ideas you can use to help your BIRTHDAY Person feel special!