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Best and worst of 2019 year in review 

Our biggest year EVER, was our hardest year ever! Before 2019 we hadn’t set goals in over a decade. We will admit it, we were burnt out! We had so many perfect plans that didn’t work out.

We had some plan B’s and C’s and once it got to the  E’s and F’s we decided to just put our heads down and push as hard as we could in whatever direction our path lead!

Our path lead us into a crazy direction and so come beginning of 2019 we decided it was goal setting time again!  We took a different approach this year than we had before.
We set 2 numbers goals and the rest were just experienced goals we wanted to reset for our kids. We truly wanted them to learn to love education and learning.

With that we embarked on a crazy year and got so caught up in the experience and journey that we forgot about our number goal until Nov. we realized that our vomit goal was within reach if we really stretched and so we did, we stretched and stretched and then VOILA! Our wildest dreams came true and it was the hardest thing we’ve ever done!

We are so excited for 2020 stay tuned for how we decided to not set goals by setting goals not to set goals!

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