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Rykel’s Birthday Date

Rykel's birthday was a fun family birthday. Jase & I also took her on a special date just with her. We took a big picnic lunch & went to the cricket field by Laie Park & rode bikes & skateboards down the hill. We enjoyed our lunch there while we watched Rykel do fun...

Rykel is the big 5

I can't believe it this little girl is 5 today!! I remember when......We blessed her when Grandma & Tutu & Grandpa came out...she was a little squishy. She grew into a CHUNKY eater...and we loved those FAT rolls. She was the happiest baby we ever had!Rykel at 2, look...

My Man is 30

My Man turned 30 this year...on the blessed day of FEBRUARY 14. We planned a nice quick trip to the Big Island without kids..WAHOO!! Thank goodness to Cousin Jacob & Janice who watched the kids. We had a blast. It was so nice to go through the airport without LOTS...

Wyatts B-day

Someone did not believe it was the Bday of Wy-man. Well here is your proof.I wish this could have caught his laugh and kicking the other times he went down.

Wy’s B-Day SLIDE

after asking Shae why he went on his butt this time when his tummy is SOOOOO much faster he replied..."cuz dada it urts my dummy on da lide doo many times"...translation dad you crazy cant you see these red marks on my tummy!? lil keiki enjoying time without adults...

Klai’s Day

Klai's Birthday was a family event. We played many games: spin the toe-nail polish, sack races, obstacle course races. We went to the beach once & then Jase just took Klai again to have "special DAD" time. It was a fun eventful day.It ended of course with Cake...

A Birthday DATE & blessings from Heaven

We decided this year with Klai that we would NOT have a birthday party with friends, just a family party. So she thought that a date with Mom & Dad would be part of her gift/party. As her birthday is approaching we quickly decided that today was the perfect day to...

Birthday Events

We started the day with an early hike (more like trail walk), Nat planned a treasure hunt. We followed a gold trail that clumsy Pirates left behind. So fun, she is so creative!We finally arrive to the treasure & what is inside....Lollies!Here is our hiker group....

Pre-Birthday Bash

As you know the Pre-Birthday bash began at Transformers 2 IMAX. Yes it was AWESOME!! Loved it. Full action, good story, good lesson & lots & LOTS of LIFE-SIZE transformers. (just a hint of pg-13ness, parents beware..not for youngins)We went to the theater...

The Birthday Plan

So the plan for the BIG day...which is the way.We are going to TRANSFORMERS 2 - IMAX style. yes it is 10 mintues longer than the regular movie thus we GO!Then we find some really YUMMY, really fattening DESSERT to eat.Then...

Pinata Success

I was a little nervous about making the pinata. How many layers to do? Will it be TOO thick to punch through? Will it fall when we hang it up? Will it look like the training punching bag from the movie? many worries!! But I think I had PINATA SUCCESS!!! I wish I...

Adventures in being 29

As his last year in his 20's, we had to do something that no almost 30 year old would do.Our first Adventure: ICE BLOCKINGWe walked onto the Kahuku Golf Course with our homemade Ice blocks and slid down a few hills.Oh the joys of being 29...and younger.Other...

V-DAY?…No its J-DAY

Yes yes, it is Jase's Big DAY...NOT Valentine's Day.....Well his day actually started on the 13th...since that is when it REALLY began. I decided for his birthday to make him a book about him. Pictures from his younger years and stories written from family members...

Shae just turned 2!!

I can't believe our little Shae is 2 already. Our Christmas baby is getting so big. I picked these pictures to put on his Birthday invite because this is our Shae. Either so sweet and mellow (pic. left) or ROAR funny. We love our little boy.Things we love about...

Seven Peaks Birthday

Seven Peaks was the best birthday gift!! It was so fun to get into the water when it was well over 90 degrees that day. We enjoyed having friends and family spend this special day with us. So much fun on the crazy slidesThe nice cool cabanaThe tubesAnd we loved the...

Joint Birthday

We had a combined birthday get together with Jacob and Rykel. All the Auna cousins came over and we had some great food and yummy cake. Rykel was super excited to have candles to blow out. I like to think that Jacob enjoyed his candles shaped into a 22. After good...

Valentine Birthday

So through the years I have tried to throw a Surprise Party for Jase somehow, and successfully thrown one each year that we've been married. After much discussion with Jase, I decided Not to throw him a surprise party, but I needed to surprise him somehow.So first we...

Hearts Away

I loved the snowflakes so much in our little Hallway, that I decided to get pumped for the big Valentines Day / Jase's Birthday. I remember being in school and the classrooms were always decorated to every season and Holiday. And because Hawaii doesn't change seasons,...

A Party for Shae

8 Dozen Cupcakes30 gingerbread House Kits (party favor)Some Reindeer GamesBean BAg toss down ChimneyAnd a Happy BoyWe initially invited 35 kids plus their parents, so I was fully prepared. Jase kept saying I don't have to make that much, not everyone will show up. He...

It’s About our man Shae

It's the big day...some people remember it as Pearl Harbor day...but for us, it will forever be SHAE's big day. We are so excited to have Shae in our lives. Here is a few memorable pictures of Shae.



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Rachel is a vlogger and stay-at-home mom! When she's not filming fun videos for the "Ohana Adventure" and the "Rach Bennett" channels, she is sharing amazing lifestyle, travel, parenting, and homeschool tips here on the blog.

Jase is an entrepreneur, surfer, skater, fisherman, and the best dad ever! When he’s not creating silly Reels (@jasebennett), you can find him sharing adventures on the blog & great entrepreneurial tips on his podcast: The Decode.


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