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The Now Mom

Simple Neighbor Gift Ideas

Simple Neighbor Gift Ideas

Neighbor Gift Ideas Do you ever struggle with giving neighbor gifts during the Holidays?  Maybe you have great intentions, and procrastinate, LIKE ME? Or, you sometimes feel like you're not going to, but then you get a gift from someone, and feel you need to...

How to prepare for General Conference

Every six months in April and October our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints holds General Conference. It's a wonderful weekend of spiritual messages that leave each of us feeling refreshed and uplifted. General...

Day in the Life of a Youtube and Homeschool mom

Day in the Life of a Youtube and Homeschool mom

I want to share with you what a typical day is like for me as a homeschool mom/youtuber. I am sure some of you are homeschooling and may also be working mom from home. One thing that has helped me is finding a balance between my different roles. So I am going to share...


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