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Lights at Temple Square 

As the Holidays rolls around I have so many ideas and activities I want to do. But with Jase’s schedule its hard to nail anything down. We finally did…TEMPLE SQUARE!  Yeah I was super excited to do this, I like this tradition especially because this…

The Now Mom

Magic and Wonder 

The Christmas season is filled with magic and wonder.  When I was younger I used to sit under the tree and dream of the magic. I love that Rusty finds a comfortable place back there too.  We got a lovely surprise in the mail from…

The Now Mom

Family Christmas Party 

Living in Utah now means living close to family. We get to enjoy a fun family night with cousins and grandparents…perfect for the Holidays.  The only stressful part is the gift….and I am a procrastinator. Finding the best gift for everyone was quite hard. Homemade…

The Now Mom

Ugly Sweater party 

 Jase and I were invited to an Ugly Sweater Christmas party put on by the Phillips and Aardemas. I am super excited to do this. SSSOOOO excited! I looked up many ideas….but I decided to go with a thrift store junk sweater.  I found a…