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Easy DIY Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make

Hey friends! Do you guys like making homemade gifts for Christmas? Do you like receiving them? Homemade DIY Christmas gifts are a great way to nurture creativity and make things ultra-personal for others. It can also be a fun way to keep Christmas gifts frugal. Check out our Easy DIY Christmas gifts video of what our kids chose to make as well as our list of extra ideas below!

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Simple DIY Christmas Gifts List

Evee Makes Christmas Gift

  1. Embroidery Art

    This can be a fun project for your craft-loving kids. It may take some time so plan ahead!

  2. Homemade Picture Book

    This can be as simple as printing out special pictures on cardstock and stapling or sewing pages together!

  3. Stuffed Animal Purse

    You can make a purse out of a stuffed animal! Supplies needed include a stuffed animal, zipper, extra fabric, and sewing skills! We show a few of the steps in our video above.

  4. DIY Snow Globe

    You'll need a baby food jar, baby oil, glitter, a figurine to glue to the underside of the jar lid, water, and superglue to seal the lid to the jar so nothing leaks!

  5. Personalized Bookmark

    If you have a reader in your house, this can become a fun personalized gift for them!

  6. Homemade Wood Carvings

    This gift will be for older kids who know how to safely use a wood carving knife. Shae is our big woodcarver. He's carving a car for Dad Jase!

  7. Popsicle Figurines

    Supplies needed include popsicle sticks, glue, and creativity!

  8. Hand Painted Gift

    This can be a rock, a craft wood item, a painted picture. You choose!

  9. Firsts Picture Frame Art

    Klai chose to make heart-shaped "Firsts" framed wall art. How fun is that!?

Some other ideas of simple DIY Christmas gifts kids can make include

Bath Bombs | Easy DIY Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make

These kid-friendly bath bomb ideas, from the Fizz the Season blog, look so fun to make! 

Kid-firendly blue DIY bath bomb with colorful sprinkles

Homemade Lip Balm

Check out this post by on how to make Lip Balm in 7 easy steps!

For Holiday Shopping Tips and Tricks, check out this post! And for ideas on how to Conquer Black Friday and Cyber Monday, check out this post!

What gifts would you want to make for your family members or friends this Christmas?

Happy DIY Christmas gift-making, friends!



Cora Made a Christmas Gift for Jase     Easy DIY Christmas Gifts to Make

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