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How to Set up a Homeschool Workspace

The first day of school is knocking on our door and I know that many of you have already started! Many people ask me what our homeschool workspace looks like, so today, I’m sharing with you how to set up a homeschool workspace that is conducive to learning.

If you don’t have a space for a dedicated classroom, don’t worry, I am sharing how to create a fun learning environment no matter what kind of space you’re working with.

We were lucky enough to have a bonus room in our home, so we took a corner of it to create a workspace. We furnished the classroom with a locker, bookshelves, and a desk.

I know that the reality is that not everyone has this space. Here’s how you create a homeschool space if you have a designated classroom.

Evee doing school in livingroom homeschool workspace

1) Desk

The desk space doesn’t have to be a desk. Other things we use for a desk space include a beanbag, kitchen counter, coffee table, couch/lounge chair, etc. It can be anywhere. It just needs to be comfortable, and have all the supplies you need.


school planner



2) Supplies

Get the right supplies and place them in your workspace(s). If you need help shopping, check out this post. We keep most of our supplies in the designated classroom but also have some spread out throughout the house in their workspaces. Another tip is to give them their own pencil pouches they can fill with supplies which they can carry with them to where ever they decide to work.



3) Organize curriculum

We keep all our curriculum in our lockers. You might keep them on your bookshelves or in a plastic storage container. If you want ideas for curriculum to use for your kids check out our other blog that goes over the curriculum I use.

our homeschool workspace

Wyatt's school planner4) Planner

Use a planner not only to schedule lessons but to keep track of what they’re learning. We keep all our old planners as a sort of transcript of everything they’ve learned. We love Erin Condren academic planners and I’m so excited that they just came out with their teacher planner. Read to the end for a giveaway!

5) Inspire

I love to do little things to inspire learning. These include setting the mood with peaceful music, hanging artwork (such as maps), and hanging inspiring quotes in their workspaces. I created a few PRINTABLES of our favorite quotes for you.






I hope these tips were helpful to you as you create a workspace for your kids at home. So, even though you create a workspace, it might not get utilized the whole school day. Sometime your kids might follow you around or choose a different workspace. This is ok. On that same note, sometimes you need a change of space. This helps to refresh the mind and be ready to learn a new subject.

homeschool outside

I am doing a giveaway for teacher life planners on my Instagram account @rachbennett. Head on over to enter.

What are your best tips for creating a workspace? What are some of your favorite inspirational quotes for learning? Are you ready for HOMESCHOOL? Let me know in the comments below & please share this post with anyone that might need this info.

Thanks for hanging out with me today,



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