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Packing for a Weekend Trip in under an HOUR

What’s up ladies and moms..traveling can be a bit stressful and packing is where it all compiles. Over the years I have learned a few tricks that help our family get packed in under an hour! For this weekend trip we are going to be changing climate, doing a photoshoot and will be gone 3-4 days. 

#1 Clean the house.

Before going on a trip we clean so that we can come home to a clean home. I like to divide up all the areas that need cleaned and have a couple people work on that while other children are packing. 

#2 Have your List Ready.

I have a clipboard with my checklist on it and I fill everything out. My check list has how many days we will be gone, weather, the kind of clothes we need, toiletries, and other items. Because it is summer each kid brings 1 item for a school subject and talent they are working on. I like to keep my kids' brains active with just a little learning while traveling.

toiletry bag#3 Pack Your Bag.

I like the Nomatic Bag because it is pretty close to the perfect bag. In my bag I pack my clothes, toiletries, makeup and computer/chargers. I like to use the little travel containers that are refillable. You can find a pack of them at the dollar store or Walmart. My toiletry bag is the size of a quart ziplock bag. This works when you need everything in a quart ziplock bag for flying. I pack my makeup bag with all my makeup and hair supplies.


#4 Pack with bins

We always pack an extra bin in the car for shoes when we go on roadtrips. This is a great way to keep them all in one place. 


packing snacks#5 Team effort.

  1. One person loads the car. I like to do this because I can organize it.
  2. Two people get the snacks ready
  3. Two people grab tablets and/or entertainment items. I like to make sure people have things to do to keep them busy and happy. We bring things like coloring books, headphones, tablets, and splitters for multiple kids to watch or listen. 
  4. Two people on House duty. I like to leave the house clean before we go on trips. This includes talking out the trash, putting things away and anything else that needs done. 




And that’s it! I love having a checklist to make sure we have everything. Also, team effort makes a huge difference. When everyone does their part, packing is so much quicker. Remember to grab a copy of our printable checklist for you next trip! 

TOA Packing List

Kid packing list images

family picturesI would love to hear your tips and tricks for packing! Please share them in the comments! 

Until next time, 


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