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How I Get My kids to COOK! 

I remember being in college and making a quick easy meal for dinner…I had a few memorized, and sharing with my bestie roommate. She was amazed I could whip up something fast for dinner. I thought it wasn’t impressive..but it was definitely yummy. We chatted for a bit and I realized that because my mom taught us to cook & made us learn a handful of recipes, this is how I was able to cook healthy meals when I was away from my home. 


10 ways…Celebrating BIRTHDAYS while stuck at home, or under quarantine 

We love Birthdays & we love to celebrate and help our birthday person feel as special as possible. Right during a worldwide crisis/pandemic, it makes things more difficult to really celebrate the traditional way. We recently had Rykel’s birthday & we wanted her to feel as special as possible. Here are 10 ideas you can use to help your BIRTHDAY Person feel special! 


20 things to do STUCK AT HOME 

We find ourselves in a very interesting time, a time where it is best for the greater good to stay home & spend a bit more time with our families. Is this a YAY moment for you or a “WOAH…what am I going to do” moment? Either way, you’re going to possibly go a bit crazy thinking of things to do to keep the kids occupied and somewhat learning as you have a lot of extra time with them. 


Disneyland Rise of the resistance, is it the best Disneypark ride EVER!? (spoiler alert) 

The Disneyland Ride of the Resistance experience is exactly that! It’s a complete experience! From the moment you receive your boarding group confirmation (remember to have your app ready to open at 9:00am and claim your boarding group. Instead of keeping it open and refreshing which may lag a bit compared to opening it fresh at 9am) to being welcomed to the resistance base, you are educated, wowed, thrust and surprised at every corner!