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The Ohana Adventure


A Jase & Rachel Bennett Podcast

Ohana means Family &
Family IS the Adventure!

As entrepreneurial parents of 6 kids, we have had quite the adventures. We have had 100,000+ comments asking us how we have done what we’ve done. We are now turning on these mics and sharing the wins and losses we’ve experienced in hopes to help others celebrate or overcome theirs!


  1. harley

    Hi guys I love your YouTube and I love your family and I love your YouTube channel you guys are like the fat you two guys I ever seen travel when I said hi my name is Harley and yeah add R H I sent you an email if you got it I want you to email me and I’ll be emailing you and not every single day not like two thousand years don’t be ignoring you if you answer it but me back I’m going to be so happy I never done this before it’s sucking my first first time I love you guys I love you all I heard I’ve been really hot out there and Utah because we’re living in the desert and I think I know why ohana means family!!!! LOL I love you guys you guys have a wonderful day bye from Harley to the Ohana Adventures


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