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Simple Homemade Halloween Costumes

In need of a cute easy Costume? I got your back!! I have always loved the cute and; fun Halloween costumes and décor! Growing up it was always about having fun and being creative with anything we found around the house for our costumes. I have 7 easy homemade Halloween costumes to share with you that will save you money and you get you be creative. If you want to see more some of our previous costumes check out this blog post. Over the years we have enjoyed making many of our own family themed and occasionally individual, costumes.


My two fun Models and I gathered up some clothes and props from around the house to share some of our fun and easy Costume ideas.

#1 The GHOST

This is one of the most traditional and easiest costume to be able to throw together for a fun quick costume.

Supplies and Instructions

- a white sheet, duct tape, & black cardstock paper (make sure to not cover their eyes
and maybe put the paper on their forehead)
- Place the sheet over (depending on the size of sheet and person you might need to fold
it in half) evenly, making sure they won’t easily trip. Cut the cardstock into two fun
circles or ovals (any eye shape you’d like) and place duct tape on the back of them and
stick them to the sheet. I recommend placing the eyes of the ghost on the forehead that way they can see. Alternatively, you could put them lower on the ghost for a fun look.


This couple costume is always a classic, fun easy and bright. This one you can have fun sprucing up the Labels or making a joke on it or anything like that.

Supplies and Instructions

- Red and Yellow shirts, cardstock paper- Red, Yellow, & 2 White, black sharpie, duct
tape, and bobby pins.
- You can easily cut out the shape you want for the labels of the ketchup and mustard, and duct tape the
labels onto their shirts, then make the cone shape with the cardstock and tape it, after that then use bobby pins
to hold it nicely to the head.



The gypsy or fortune teller is always a fun and colorful one that you can play up a lot.


Supplies and Instructions

- some loose flowy pants, couple of scarfs (fun bright and colorful is always good) , and
a crystal ball.
- The ball is fun but not necessary, the crystal ball could be anywhere from a small fun marble, to
a sports ball, to a random house decoration, or one you make out of material :D, just have fun
with it and be creative)



The cookie costume is delicious and cute all at the same time.

Easy homemade Cookie Halloween Costume

Supplies and Instructions

-Brown pants, and shirt (if possible but doesn’t matter), 2 pieces of black cardstock
paper, duct tape, a large piece of cardboard from a box,& bobby pins.
- Cut the cardstock into a fun big circle, cut one into multiple triangles for the “chocolate
chips, and the other you make into a cone for the top of the head.

- Make a handle on the back of the cookie to hold onto with the duct tape, or you can just tape it on your
shirt (it might be a little too heavy for that option) and then you are ready to bobby pin
the big “chocolate chip” on the head.

- You can always choose to spruce it up with paint and do one or two chocolate chips on
your face, just have fun with it, and make it your own like Evee did with the bite taken
out of her cookie :D)


The candy beggar DIY Halloween costume is super easy and simple.

Candy beggar costume easy homemade

Supplies and Instructions

- Multiple clothes for layering, a beanie, some brown makeup, cardboard, sharpie, pipe
cleaner or string, & a pillowcase
- You can spruce this up so many ways and add as many fun props you can think of, even maybe
a backpack or a cart as your bag as well.

#6 CAT

Another cute classic that is one of the easiest to do and easiest to make your own by
sprucing it up anyway you want.
-Supplies- black shirt and pants, pipe cleaners, black eye liner or makeup, bobby pins.
Super simple to keep with the black shirt and pants, then you shape your two pipe cleaners into
triangles and bobby pin them to your hair for the cute cat ears. Then simple and easy whiskers
with some makeup.
- You can easily add a tail with another pipe cleaner too.



This fun fisher costume could be easy if you’ve ever gone fishing or have someone in your family that loves fishing. You simply get ready as if you were going, but instead you’ll fish for candy and not the fish in the water.

Supplies and Instructions

- normal clothes that you could see yourself using to go fishing, a fishing net, and any
other fishing gear you’d want to use to spruce it up.
- Your net can easily be used as your trick- or

– treat bag for fun.

For the fisherman costume you can easily add a vest to spruce it up or some rain boots.


We hope you have fun this Halloween and that you have fun with your costume whether you
make it or not. Let us know what you are being for Halloween and what you did. We can’t wait
to see what fun everyone had. Here are also some suggestions for a safe Halloween this year!


Happy Halloween, and Mahalo

Rach, - and my two helpers/cute Models; Evee and Cora

Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes

Fun Homemade Halloween Costumes

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