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Veggie Tales in Space PARTY 

If given the chance I will throw a party for ANYTHING! Luckily I had a chance to do a Premiere party for the new VeggiesTales: Veggies in Space movie! What a rad opportunity, given by I jumped on that like nobody’s business.  They sent…


Local Ice Skating 

Birthday Weeks continue, with a Frugal Fun activity. I love having a reason to have fun. I found an awesome Groupon for Ice Skating at our local outdoor ice rink. How cool is this! The Groupon included admission and rental for 6. So I left…


PG Carnival & Parade 

Growing up in good ole PG, there are many things I fell in love with & still have fond memories of. My summer favorite was the PG carnival and Parade. Having kids I find it hard to go to these events without paying an arm…


Hyde Visit 

Leaving Hawaii was the hardest thing we have ever done as a family, we knew it was right…but we weren’t just leaving a fun place, we were leaving friends & family.  That may seem so silly to many people, but when you move to a…