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Cora is ONE! 

Today is that special day that this special little one turned 1!  She is so precious & wonderful & our little miracle baby.  Here she is at birth, so little & precious & perfect! This moment was so spiritual & precious! And now my baby,…


Finding Home 

Throughout life we have been in many places & we have loved each place we have lived. Sometimes we go through trials & realize that we are not sure where we are headed or where we’re supposed to be. We have always felt quite fortunate…


House hunting 

Our stay in Utah, was supposed to be only temporary. Living in Pleasant Grove with my parents was a bit tight & a bit stressful. I enjoyed having them around, especially when Jase was out of town, but at times we felt that it was…


Snow? in Arizona? 

As a young child I remember Arizona as being a place where you can find awesome rocks and precious stones. My girls have become collectors of rocks, especially Klai…so we HAD to find a mining town.We found Goldfield Ghost Town. We left excited on a…