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Veggie Tales in Space PARTY 

If given the chance I will throw a party for ANYTHING! Luckily I had a chance to do a Premiere party for the new VeggiesTales: Veggies in Space movie! What a rad opportunity, given by I jumped on that like nobody’s business.  They sent…


Minute to Win It SURPRISE PARTY! 

Ever since Jase & I got married we’ve been trying to surprise each other at birthdays, or anniversaries or mothers/fathers day. I figured since we were somewhat new to the area, he wouldn’t expect anything….this would be the perfect time for a SURPRISE Birthday Party! …


Shae turns 5 

My December/Pearl Harbor baby turned 5 this last Wednesday. Yep he was born on December 7, 2006. We actually thought about going to see the Pearl Harbor memorial, but I think on the DAY would be hectic, so we’ll save that for a field trip….


Hexbug Bash 

Well since the girls got their party….the boys NEEDED a party. And luckily I got to review this awesome product: hexbugs. A Hexbug nano Halloween Zombie Party kit arrived and I was more than stoked to throw a Hexbug Bash! Shae chose a few friends…