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How to transition to Homeschool 

Switching from sending kids to school every day to homeschooling them full-time. There can be an overwhelming feeling as you realize that you are now 100 percent responsible for your child’s education. “How will I keep them busy and learning all day?” This is a…

The Now Mom

How to Leave 6 Kids with a NANNY SITTER! 

Having 6 kids is quite a busy thing. At this time we only 1 activity going for the kids, but with naptimes & meals it can be overwhelming for someone to take the kids. 

We have been quite fortunate to have made really good friends and those friends offered to watch our kids so Jase could take me to Hawaii with him. (a free trip is hard to pass up)!

Before leaving I made a Great Big Plan to include everything that Jacki needed to know.