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Keep Up with Rachel Online

Rachel Bennett

When she’s not filming fun videos for The Ohana Adventure you can find her on The Now Mom dropping some amazing parenting tips!

Born in Hawaii and raised all over the world was Rachels upbringing and now she is an energetic, creative mother of 6 who has been homeschooling or as she likes to call it, World Schooling, her children for the past 5 years. Their schooling has taken place as high up as the Matterhorn in Switzerland and as low down as the ocean floors of Tahiti with local oceanographers. She loves showcasing these adventures on The Ohana Adventure Channels and Blog and sharing all of her tips, tricks and how to’s via her individual YouTube channel and Blog “The Now Mom.”


A Jase & Rachel Bennett Podcast

Ohana means Family &
Family IS the Adventure!

As entrepreneurial parents of 6 kids, we have had quite the adventures. We have had 100,000+ comments asking us how we have done what we’ve done. We are now turning on these mics and sharing the wins and losses we’ve experienced in hopes to help others celebrate or overcome theirs!