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Tips for Traveling During Covid
At Disney World

Tips for Traveling During Covid 

We love to TRAVEL, but during this Pandemic, we have been staying home to stay safe. When restrictions lifted and many areas opened we decided to take our family to Disney World! We learned quite a big & want to share these TIPS for Traveling during COVID! Because of the pandemic, there are far less people traveling to the big theme parks & with no crowds, we can go on all the rides we want and stay safe! As a traveling rule, we like going during the offseason when there are fewer people. Traveling right now can also be fun as long as you can stay safe. I have some travel tips for your next vacation during this pandemic. 

Tip #1 Bring multiple Masks.

There are a few different types of masks we like to use. I really like the neck gator, because it’s loose. We also like the masks from; they are very soft and comfortable to wear. Lastly we brought the masks that have filters in them. We bought ours from Amazon. We like these masks because they provide that extra protection especially when we are in closed places, like on the plane. 

multiple masks

Tip #2 Keep foods and liquids in a grocery bag.

I like to travel with a grocery bag that has all our foods and liquids because it makes it easier to carry and have out for security. When I get off the plane I will put my extra things that are lying around in this bag to get off quickly, It is a fast way to shove loose items into a bag that might get left behind. Then when we are at the airport we have traveled to we will rearrange our bags & organize those loose items. 


Tip #3 Carry essentials in a small bag.

I love using my fanny pack while I travel because it can hold all the essentials. I keep my hand sanitizer, phone charger, snacks, and headphones all in my fanny pack when I travel. Everything stays in one place and is easy to access. During COVID we try to socially stay safe by having each person bring their own small bag with their snacks, etc. so we do not have to share and touch each other’s things.

traveling in airport

Tip #4 Travel Light.

My go to TRAVEL TIP of all time is to travel only with carry-on bags. When you have a quick 1 week trip, its easy to fit everything you need in a carry on bag. Also by traveling light we can move faster and get to our destination easier. We love using the Nomadic backpacks as well as Cotopaxi bags. You can surprisingly pack a lot of things into one small bag. We have taken our whole family through Europe with just backpacks. Another bonus to traveling with only a carry on is that you are the only one handling your bag. During this pandemic especially this is one more way to stay safe. 

kids travel cotopaxi bags during covid



Tip #5 Carry a Napkin.

Traveling with a napkin is an essential for going someplace hot or humid. While we were in Disney World it was very humid. Additionally we had to wear our masks at all times. Having a napkin to wipe away sweat and dry off our faces really helped.

covid travel tips wiping face with napkin


Tip #6 Schedule times to eat at restaurants.

This may just be one of the most important tips. Because of covid restaurants are not allowing as many people to sit down and eat at a time. This means longer wait times, especially with a larger family like ours. While you are planning your next vacation it is a good idea to plan ahead where you will eat. Make sure you have plenty of time set aside for meals. If possible you can call restaurants ahead and make a reservation. 

"The Ohana Adventure" family at Walt Disney World

How do you keep your family safe during this pandemic? I would love to hear your comments! 

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