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Valentines Day Ideas with ANYONE
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Valentines Day Ideas with ANYONE 

We all know the stigma around Valentines Day and how its usually either met with giddy excitement, or dread!  We personally LOVE (no pun intended) this Holiday.  First, because it’s JASE’s BIRTHDAY, and we get to celebrate him on LOVE Day, but it also made us think a little differently about how it DOESN’T have to be a day only for those with a “Romantic Relationship”  It can be a day for ANYONE or ANY SITUATION.   So we came up with some Valentines Day Ideas with ANYONE, or no one if thats what you prefer too.  Where you can be grateful and have fun with your Family, Friends, a significant other, or just to show yourself some much needed YOU time!

Valentines day IdeasValentines Day decorationValentines day fun

Valentines Day Ideas WITH FAMILY!

  •  special breakfast – pink pancakes, crepes, waffles-  with berries & nutella, etc.
  •  write notes for the kids before they go to school, or put notes inside their lunches. special note of why you love & appreciate them
  •  special outfits & hair do’s for younger kids – spray hair pink, add beads, weird hair spray for boys
  • Etiquette dinners – nice dinner teach your kids & teens proper manners, etiquette, eating, how to talk, conversations, etc.
    Paint night ( you could do with anyone, but fun to do as a couple especially)
  • dress up and take pictures – its always a good idea to take pictures on special occasions
  • Watch Family videos and talk about favorite memories
  • make a special dinner at home – let the kids help by setting up the plates, the candles, etc.Valentines day ideas with kidsValentines Day activities

Valentines Day Family ideas WITH FRIENDS!

  • Play Get to know you games: Bowl Game, Never Have I Ever, 2 truths & a lie.
  • single day awareness for singles – watch all the chick flicks, or even watching the opposite – girl power movies.
  • for the single guys – having bro’s night – playing games

**treats – valentine chexmex – add M&M’s, chocolate covered pretzels

 Valentines Day Ideas AT HOME!

  • AT HOME SPA-  grab some scrub, lotion, face masks and candles if you want.  Maybe even a mani/pedi (yes even guys enjoy this once in a while too)
  • Hot Chocolate Bar and Flavored Popcorn
  • Play your favorite board game
  • do a puzzle together
  • Paint Night at home – You can find so many fun Virtual paint nights on youtube like this COUPLES LANDSCAPE PAINTING

Valentines Day ideas

 Ideas GOING OUT on the TOWN!

  • take pictures all around town- favorite spots
  • Go for a nice walk downtown to your favorite spots
  • go to a scenic view in your area and have a picnic
  • a new restaurant that you’ve wanted to try
  • go for a sweet treat
  • see a movie
  • walk in the park

Valentines Day ideasValentines day ideasValentines day ideasValentines day ideas

If you want more ideas, here are some more amazing ideas by THE DATING DIVAS

Or if you want to read some of our fun old Blogs about our normal everyday Valentines day, you can go HERE,

Hope you enjoy the rest of your February and make sure to Focus on those Relationships that matter most this month.  Tell those you are grateful for, that you are grateful for them, and those you love, that you LOVE them.

Mahalo,  Rach


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