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What to do with leftover Halloween Candy

Trick or Treating might be over, but the Halloween Candy is still around. What do you do with the Halloween Candy?

Do you let your kids keep it and eat it whenever? Or maybe you take it and they can have some here and there?  Does it become a family free for all?  Have you wanted to do something different,  we did.  So if you want, here are some Tips & Tricks we've found and do with all that left over Halloween candy that has worked for us.

First if you haven't watched the video about  The Great Pumpkin, go here if you haven't seen it. This is the first thing we do to get our kids to give the candy up for something "better"

Now you have all this candy, NOW WHAT?

Get it out of the house-

If you don't want the Halloween candy in your house there are many ways to get it out.

  • You can donate to a lot of different online sites that use it for a good cause, like OPERATION SHOEBOX,   they are currently accepting Halloween Candy to send to troops.
  • Or you can see if  your local Dentists will do a "buy back" candy option.

Keep it and use it-

If you want to put the candy to use in your house and want some ideas, here is how I  sort it and put it to use in our home.

First I always sort the candy - take out any of the Halloween specific candy so that your kids don't find them. Get a few large ziplock bags or grocery bags for sorting them.

  1.  First bag - Every day use like road trips, mommy store, or even school snacks.  usually its the fruit snack bags because they are a more healthy option.

  1.  Second bag- Candy Lei bag, lollipops are a great one that I like to put in there or mini candy bars, gum, anything small.

  2. Third bag - excess candy.  This is all the candy that isn't very specific, but it can be used for so many different things like;

    • Homeschool projects, or Learning .  They work great for money, counting, colors, shapes.  You can easily use skittles as dye, science experiences for different candy's melting or things like that.
    • bright fun colors like skittles and M&M's for fun cooking ideas.  Candy Rice Krispies.  Chocolate bar minis placed into the middle of cookies or brownies
    • Neighbor gifts, super fun and easy and saves on money going out and buying more candy or treats to hand out to neighbors.
    • Elf on the shelf fun.
    • Ginger bread houses.
    • DIY advent calendar- lei style, or cup. If you want to see how to make the Leis, go HERE

  1.   Fourth bag - Larger candy.  If you save the Large candy, it can be used on Date nights either with your spouse or with the kids.

  2. Fifth bag - Favorites- its simple, sometimes we all just have a stash that we need on a rainy day 😀

We hope that you had an amazing Halloween and that you had fun and stayed safe.  thanks for joining us.


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